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How to feel more confident when at the gym

If you’re reading this blog then you know how it feels to walk into a commercial gym. So many things are going through your mind.

1. It is so busy in here and people are staring at me. 2. How do I use these machines? 3. Am I doing this exercise right? 4. Do I stretch before or after?

And even more thoughts pile on. It can get overwhelming and how do you go back when all this runs through you mind every time you go and workout. You don’t but maybe you suck it up and go a couple of times but some time down the road you quit because it becomes such a nuisance to deal with so many things just to exercise. So now you are paying for a gym membership that you are not even using. Worst of all, you have been defeated even before you started. We know exactly how you feel because we have been through it many times. We have gotten many gym memberships that we pay for and not use but we didn’t let it stop us. These obstacles got us to look outside the box and we were able to overcome them. Don’t quit on yourself just yet, read this blog all the way through from start to finish so you too can overcome this problem and conquer your goals. Don’t miss out on the information here because it could have that one thing that can turn things around for you. We understand what you’re going through. Feeling defeated is one of the worst things that a person could feel. Imagine feeling very inspired as if the gates of heaven have opened to you and all you need to do is walk in but we all know it does not work that way. You have to expect challenges outside and inside yourself. However, most of the time what happens outside of ourselves can be out of our control so the next best thing is what we can do on the inside. What do we mean by that? What we mean is what can you do? What is in your control? You have control of...your actions, your thoughts and how you respond to whatever situation you encounter. Do you think we would even have the tech to be able to read this if the person inventing it quit half way? That person thought outside the box and found new perspective. So here are somethings you can do that is in your control and perhaps can give you a brand new perspective.

1. Going in with a plan

Think of an activity you feel very confident in, now think of why you feel confident in it. It’s because you know exactly what you’re doing or you have something to follow. Always have a plan even if it’s now the perfect one. A giant mistake that most people make with this is that they pick the best but most complicated plan. A better way of thinking about this is ”Go in with a plan that you can follow consistently”. Having the most optimal plan is useless unless you can execute it properly. Action step: Find a workout plan you can follow consistently.

2. Practice - Start home workouts first If you’re not ready to go to a commercial gym, where there are so many people, then why not start with working out at home?

We started with at home workouts to build our confidence. Yes it can be boring at first but there are many ways to make your at home workouts fun. You can play the music you love, dress up as if you’re going to an actual gym and make sure to have the equipment you need. You may not even need equipment since there are so many workouts out there where you only use bodyweight. Your home is the safest place to make mistakes so make most of them privately. Whether you like it or not, you need to go through mistakes because it is how we all learn. Action step: Find a designated area in your home to do at home workouts.

3. Focus on your performance - remember everyone is there for the same reason If you do happen to stick to going to the gym and you know what to do but you’re still getting those thoughts of what other’s think, just remember that a lot of people and actually most people are feeling exactly the way you feel. The best way to deal with this is to focus on your performance. Are you getting better with each exercise? Are you breathing properly through your movements? Are you engaging the proper muscles? Are you resting enough? If you are focused on these things then it is hard to focus on other things. Keep you mind busy with progress every single day. Although you may not be able to think like this in the beginning but your mind is like a muscle, if you focus on the good things then that part of your mind will get stronger but if you focus on bad things then that part of your mind will also get stronger. Our advice...focus on your progress. Action step: Use a workout journal to record the progress in your performance. Remember to always think outside the box when you run into a mental block. You may have heard it before but there are a lot of people that have overcome what you have. The only difference is that they know something you don’t. Once you figure out what that is then you are well on your way to reaching your goal.

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