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“I've been training with Michelle since January of 2017.  When I started I was approximately 20 pounds heavier, battling Celiac disease as well as a low thyroid.  I had been visiting the gym sporadically on my own and seeing zero results.  Recovering from a broken ankle the year prior didn't help matters either but my ankle was finally strong enough for the challenge to come.

It was definitely a work in progress, but through the thick and thin Michelle and I worked diligently together.  Along with changing my diet we kept up the hard work and some days were laughs while other days were tears of frustration.  Michelle spent countless hours even outside of our training sessions to help me develop a meal plan, always keeping on me about my macros and encouraging me to track my food.  She also spent many more hours developing programs for me, always accommodating my situation at that time and making sure that the programs were the right fit for me.  Not only did I drop the extra weight but I started seeing muscles like I had never had before.  It is the best I have felt in my lifetime at the age of 43.  I'm lucky to have found an amazing trainer but also a great friend, she is like a sister to me.  She never fails to check in and keep me motivated.  I'm lucky to have her and know I can always count on her for advice."


“I was a professional dancer when I was younger, and while I was active over the years after I stopped; I did not have a regular workout plan.  I decided to start going to the gym nine months ago. I was working out very regularly but wasn’t making much progress. I trained a couple of times with Michelle and appreciated her approach.   I started training with her twice a week six months ago and haven’t looked back.

Michelle is caring, attentive and encouraging and has set up a great plan for me.  I injured my shoulder before I started working with her and she has helped with rehab and has modified my workouts if needed.  She challenges me beyond what I think I can do and in addition to her regular training I now attend the Nori Athletics weekly bootcamp.

When I started this process, my goal was just to get in better shape, but because of Michelle’s holistic approach, I am eating a more balanced, healthier diet.  I have lost 10 pounds, gained lots of strength and am doing things I never thought I could do!  I am excited to continue working with Michelle and to continue challenging myself. "


I had Novette as a personal trainer for about well over a year. In terms of results, I've made the biggest improvements training with Novette. Because of his attention to detail, certain flaws in my foams were adjusted in order to execute exercises safely and effectively. Initially, because I have a desk job, I just wanted to become fit in general. With Novette’s help, my speed, agility, strength, and overall performance have dramatically increased. My body composition is definitely different from where I started, I gained more muscle mass in place of some fat. I have become more active which led me to taking up martial arts again. With a new goal, Novette continued to assist me improving my performance to compliment my martial arts training, such as agility and vertical height. He would push me to a point that wasn’t achievable before, but only within limits to avoid injury. My initial goals have been fully met and gone further beyond what I thought I can do. The workouts are always different, and always keeping me guessing. Any concerns or fitness type questions, he's always open to answer in great detail. I don’t regret training with Novette, I would definitely recommend.


About two and a half years ago, I decided to go to the gym because I wanted to change my body a bit and I wanted to be strong. So, I met a mysterious person in the gym. That person was my fitness instructor, Novette. He taught me how to eat healthy and he set up a very comprehensive fitness program. Since I had never been exposed to fitness, he had the patience to teach me every movement, which greatly reduced the chance of injury. After more than two years of exercise, my body went through a big change. I am indeed stronger than before, and my muscle mass has increased a lot. I am very happy because I have reached my goal. In terms of athletic performance, since I am playing football, my physical confrontation has improved a lot and there has been a lot of progress in speed. Fitness has greatly improved my athletic performance. I am very grateful towards my personal. Now I go to the gym for at least three days a week, and I will continue to work towards my fitness goals.


Been working with Michelle since 2018 then I stopped for a year and got back into the program recently. She helped me train different muscle groups. My motivation for training or exercising is mainly for mental health and to ground myself from a stressful work life. She helped me gain that back during a low point in my life. I truly appreciated working with her and every session almost felt like therapy. I didn’t always follow through but she never pushed me in a way that I was uncomfortable. She ensures I have the proper form and reminds me of what I need to work on when doing certain exercises. I definitely recommend her program for those looking for some guidance in creating a more balanced lifestyle!


....I've had my fare share of trainers, diets, meal plans, workout programs...they've all helped in some way but never at the same time....

Months before I decided to invest in myself wholeheartedly I was in a deep slump.  The gym was no longer fun or motivating, it was a chore. My strenuous long hours at work collided with any type of schedule I tried to create on my own.  Michelle has helped me accomplish many hurdles I faced in regards to my health and fitness goals. She developed a program specifically for me and what my goals are.  The most important attribute that I have gotten from her program is SELF ACCOUNTABILITY and SELF AWARENESS.  She provides me with information, guidance and support that keep me driven and motivated. She not only has become my personal trainer...I consider her family and one of my top supporters in anything I put my mind and soul into.  Nori Athletics isn't just a's a lifestyle change. 


Training with Novette has been an amazing experience. He has made working out fun again, the way he really takes his time with me and makes sure that I’m perfecting my form vs just lifting weights has definitely helped me learn so much more. The best part about working with him is even though he’s pushing you hard he still keeps things light with you in between sets and even jokes around with you. The other good thing which is really important to me is that he works around your schedule and makes it convenient for you. If you are looking for a trainer that is in it to help you learn and improve yourself Novette is your man.


I was referred to Nori Athletics in January of 2019, and after almost one year of uncertainty, I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended my first ever bootcamp. Afterwards, within minutes following the HIIT workout, I was hooked and have never missed a bootcamp since.

I enjoyed looking forward to going every week, as it gave me a sense of purpose to reward my success, by being able to put my fitness to the test. The high knees, burpees, jump squats, bear crawls, sled pushes, resistance training, planks, squat holds, and various other workouts had me screaming in pain, but also had me smiling every Sunday morning. Once I got to know both Michelle and Novette better, they told me about there Fitness Program and how they could help me get in the best shape I had ever been in.

It wasn’t easy to accept it right away, as I had never done anything like this before, but after seeing how much effort they put into their bootcamps, along with their knowledge and the success of there current clients, I knew trusting them would be the right decision.

Fast forward to summer of 2019, and I had never felt more fit, not only was I the lightest weight I had been in a decade, but I was stronger and down to my goal of ten percent body fat, all while maintaining my muscle for the summer season.  To be more specific, I was able to deadlift 315 pounds, and also bench 190 pounds, all while going from 170 pounds to 154 pounds and finally losing that last bit of belly fat in five months.  

However, it was never just about the fitness, the bigger picture is that it’s a lifestyle. Not only was I given the hardest yet results oriented workout plan, but I was also given certain routines that lead to me feeling a sense of purpose and identity, which was something I didn’t have for almost two years.

I learned to hold myself accountable, and noticed that developing the right habits lead to me being more productive in my classes and other areas of my life.

Altogether, with the guidance of Nori Athletics, both Michelle and Novette helped me transform much more than my body, but more importantly, I got my life back.


I heard about Nori Athletics from my friend and colleague who has the same if not even more hectic schedule than I do. I trusted her referral and was able to connect with Michelle. I have been working with Michelle since November of 2019 and it’s been one of the best decisions I have made for myself! After being in a Motor vehicle accident, I was unmotivated and unhappy with where I was physically. I initially told myself I would start getting “healthy” in the new year but she convinced me that starting in November would put me ahead. She’s not only my coach but my friend! I believe that is what really separates her from any other personal trainer. Nori Athletics approach isn’t about the all or nothing mentality. It’s about creating habits about working out and around nutrition that clients can sustain for the rest of their lives. I’ve gone from 0 work outs a week to 4. I’m so much more aware of what I NEED to eat and how I can fit in what I WANT to eat. I feel stronger, energized, and more confident in myself ! All thanks to Nori Athletics!


I’ve known Michelle for a little over 3 years now. Within this time she has helped me create so many new connections within my body that I never would have fathomed possible. I’m really happy with my Nori Athletics journey thus far, because I have leaned out quite a bit, gone down from a size 11 to a size 5, and a medium-large to exclusively smalls or extra smalls.  I’ve gained more confidence and feel more at home in my body. I’ve lost nearly 25lbs since I’ve met her and gained a lot of muscle. 


Michelle has also gone above and beyond to cater to my issues surrounding my scoliosis and congenital rib fusion— always researching new physio and exercises to strengthen my body and straighten my posture.  By simply rebuilding connections that either have been lost or may have not been there to start. Both Michelle and Novette have become dear friends to me, not simply just trainers I see weekly, but friends I look forward to spending time with and learning from. They are really well rounded trainers as they don’t focus solely on your physical health but your mental and emotional state as well.


I highly recommend Nori Athletics to anyone who wants to take their fitness journey seriously, because of their in-depth attention to detail and overall care for your wellbeing.  Thank you for enriching my life with you’re amazing prescience.


I first met Michelle at their boot camp they host on Sunday's through a friend referral! I had really no intention of signing on because I have had pretty bad/ medium experiences with personal trainers whether they are just lazy or on the opposite end way too intense! 


Michelle’s vibe was honestly so comforting and a breath of fresh air! She doesn’t care about the sale, she honestly just wants to help you whether that means getting stronger or leaning out or just overall learning about fitness and developing a maintainable lifestyle! 


I signed up with Michelle for a small trail just to test it out and I absolutely loved the program! I love the community, I love how I can reach out with any questions and I love how flexible and understanding they are! 

Not to say they won’t crack the whip when need be ;) 


What I knew about fitness back then versus what I know now 9 months later has drastically increased and I feel that Michelle has given me a whole new perspective on how to live life comfortably but maintain a healthy and positive day to day life! 


Whenever I’m doing a set and I feel like I’m ready to give up I can hear Michelle’s voice in my head saying “you got this girl!”

She is an absolute angel and also an amazing leader and teacher!


Working with Michelle has been life changing - I’ve been working with her since 2017. In university, I wasn’t taking care of myself and was feeling sluggish a lot and I knew I needed to make a change. Since starting with her, Michelle has taught me everything I know about fitness, health, and good habits. She develops not only your fitness, but checks in on your overall well being and health. Personal training can sound intimidating, but Michelle is far from that. Her welcoming, supportive, and friendly vibe has me leaving every session feeling awesome. My results with her have been fantastic and I’ve learned so much! 


Once I really applied myself while working with Michelle, I’ve lost over 10 pounds and look noticeably more toned. My skin even got clearer! I cleaned up my diet under her guidance, and almost never drink. Because I feel so amazing, I don’t miss any of my old unhealthy patterns such as drinking, dining out frequently, and staying up late. 


Once her and Novette started NORI Athletics, I’ve been attending their bootcamp - it’s incredibly challenging and so rewarding! The community they’ve built of supportive people achieving their goals is an honour to be a part of.






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