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4 Ways you Can Use your House as a Gym

If you’re reading this that means you are committed to your success with your fitness goals and that you are taking action to figure out ways of how to achieve your desired outcome. The reason I know this is because if you’re not committed then you wouldn’t be searching for answers like you are right now. I know that sounds obvious but sometimes people don’t see the obvious. And that is what this blog is about.

You have already taken the first step which is taking action. The truth is ,even though it is obvious, that only ‘action’ will get you to where you want to be. I know you’re thinking “I just want to know how to use my house as a gym so get to the point” but this is important. Let me say it again, only action will lead you to your goal. If you’re reading this just to get information, just to know something then you’re missing the point. Know ledge is only half the power, applied knowledge is real power. There is a movie on Disney plus called ’Soul’ and in that movie there was a story told about small fish asking a big fish where the ocean is. The big fish tells the small fish that he’s in it but the small fish says “no this is just water I’m looking for the ocean”.

You see, most of us live our lives like this, not realizing what’s in front of us. A reason is that we are looking for an easier way out. Whether you like it or not everything worth going for requires work, a little bit of time and patience.

My point is don’t be an information junkie. Apply the knowledge that you absorb otherwise you’re just wasting your time. I know I sound harsh but it is what it is. How long have you been looking through the Internet for the right answer without taking any action. How much time have you wasted? Ask yourself, have you taken the proper actions or are you still searching?

But let me help you out, here are 4 ways you can use your house as a gym.

1. Body weight Workouts

Our bodies are often underutilized when it comes to exercise. We often think to use resistance bands, dumbbells, gym equipment but the greatest athletes like sprinters, gymnasts and boxers use body weight exercises to get in shape. For resistance training you can do things like prisoner squat, squat jumps push-ups, pull ups and planks. I can go on and on. For cardio you can go running, do jumping jacks or sprints. I’m sure with the access to the Internet you can find many ways to use your body to create a workout for yourself or even just follow a workout. As long as you are committed you will find ways.

2. Use your towels and socks to slide on the floor

You don’t have to go out and buy exercise equipment because you already have it at home. You can make use of your towels and socks a sliders. And why sliders? Once you have adapted to exercises you have been performing for a while like then your body will become stagnant, it may reach a plateau. Using slider variables for your exercises can challenge your body to stimulate a different response which will make you stronger faster and create better results for yourself.

3. Use your couch for incline work

Using furniture is also a great tool to use. You have the ability to make exercises easier or harder. For example, by putting your feet on the couch during a push-up exercise you make the exercise a little bit harder or you can put your hands on the couch to make the exercise easier. Another example is an exercise called Bulgarian split squat which is where you put one leg on the couch and you perform a lunge exercise. This makes the lunge exercise harder because now you have to keep your body in balance. This is another way to challenge your body. The more challenging, the better results you get.

4. Use your bags/backpacks as extra weight.

This is what the army does they use their equipment as extra weight. You can use your backpacks or bags to make things a little more interesting just like the pictures below. You can perform goblet squats and all kinds of exercises utilizing what your got. I may not be fancy but it will get your results if you stick to it.

An example workout would be: 4 Rounds

10x Body weight Squats

10x Slider Plank Tucks

10x Bulgarian Split Squat (both legs)

10x Alternating Bag Lunges 1-2 minute rest

(The pictures above will show you how to perform these exercises).

I am sure you’ve seen videos on social media of people making their own exercise equipment or their own home gym. These people go to great lengths because they are committed to their goal. They find ways and are willing to do anything to reach them. You must be obligated and once you fully commit, 100%, to reaching your goal then you will find ways, you’ll stop the excuses. By the way, these are only four ways but there are many more. All it takes is a simple decision to want more for yourself.

And you don’t have to do it alone. Click on this link, 5 MINUTE FORMULA. This will help you kickstart and create momentum for you. Here’s a secret, the number one killer for ‘procrastination’ is ‘momentum’. Think about it like a train, the train has a hard time moving in the beginning but once it gains momentum then it becomes almost unstoppable. That’s what you need to do for yourself. To gain momentum you need a skill set of habits which are automatic actions.

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