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3 Ways To Stay Active On A Tight Schedule

Sounds like total BS right? Well then let us explain. You’ve probably had plenty of attempts getting back on the fitness wagon but you keep falling off. Over and over again you’ve tried and failed. You know what they say, the definition if insanity is doing things over and over again expecting a different result.

I am not saying you are insane but maybe you need a different perspective. There are plenty of people that have been where you are and have found a solution to your same problem. Heck! We are some of them. We thought we have nailed down this fitness thing but ever since we‘ve held more responsibilities as we grow older we found ourselves running out of time. Our health and fitness became our last priority. Health should be our #1 priority. The energy we get from taking care of our health will propel us in our relationships, our careers and especially our self-worth. Here is a new thought for you “I can be fit and healthy on a busy schedule”. Adapt this new belief and solutions will open for you. Our belief’s dictate our thoughts and our thoughts dictate our actions. When they say ”It all starts in the mind” that is what they meant. So here are the 3 ways you can stay active on a tight schedule.

1. Park further away from your work Have you every driven to a gym that took you 20 minutes to get to only to use the treadmill? That is a lot of time wasted. Why not use the outdoors that does not cost anything and save you more time? The next time you go to work make sure you park a little further away. It may seem like a waste of time using your car only to walk but if you are intensional and there is a purpose then it is actually more efficient than having to drive to the gym just to the exact same.

2. Always take the stairs

I know it could be such a drag to use the stairs when you have the elevator or the escalator available but again as long as there is a purpose. Taking the stairs is an under utilized method of exercise. If you really think about it, you can gain strength and burn more calories through the year just by adapting this one thing in your life. Not only that but it will help with creating momentum in your fitness. Who knows, taking the stairs could turn into a run outdoors which turns into lifting weights. Don‘t underestimate the power of the small stuff you have available.

3. 5 mins is better than nothing

During times of crisis where we feel like we’ve fallen way behind on our health, our first instinct is to do something drastic that will speed up the process to becoming our fittest self. Going on a 30 day cleanse or a 30 day workout challenge etc. It may or may not work but when we set high expectations like that it can ruin the relationship between health and yourself. Giant moves are great but they are only sustainable if they are fun, challenging and not a punishment. And because you are short on time you may even prolong your fitness journey because you are looking for the perfect circumstance. The reality is you’re busy so 5 minutes will do wonders. You may think it isn’t enough but just like #2 it will create the momentum for you so later on when the perfect opportunity arises you will be well prepared for it.

These all sound too simple to work but don’t you want things to be simple? Things can be simple but it doesn’t mean they won‘t work.

The 3 ways are meant to help you create momentum and consistency. As you’ve probably heard before, consistency is better than perfection. You can have the most optimal training/nutrition plan in the universe but if you can’t stick to or like it then it doesn’t matter. Keep an open mind. They are more ways to stay active on a tight schedule. Change your perspective and opportunities will present themselves to you. Remember to keep your actions intentional.

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