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The 5 Ways For an Effective Workout

I promise if you read this blog to the end you will be rewarded. Before we get into the 5 ways, there is a secret that you need to know to make all this effective for you. You don’t want to just read and then nothing happens in your life right? Let’s get started. Often times, you know what to do. In your mind you know that you need to workout And move your body. Maybe it’s because your parents have been telling you since you were a kid. You may have seen it in movies or shows that people should exercise. It’s just a must and it’s good for you. Everybody is doing it so you should to and you’re right, exercise does great things for you body. Exercise can change the way you look, feel and will help you live longer but you already know that.

So why aren’t you doing it? To be honest, it’s not your fault. All your ideas and your views about exercise may have come from the wrong sources. Like I said in another blog that I wrote (Top 3 Reasons Why Prioritizing Health Will Help Your Life) “Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing”. Having the knowledge in your mind is not enough, you must apply. Because let’s face it, nothing happens without “ACTION”.

I know you know this but what they didn’t tell is how much action should you take? You‘ve probably tried many times to

make fitness a part of your life but when life starts to get busy you tend to push it away hoping to pick up where you left if. The secret answer to this questions is, you have to have one foot in your uncomfortable zone and one foot in your comfortable zone. This means you’ve got to take things one at a time. One of the biggest reasons why you haven’t stayed consistent with your workouts is because you take on too much. Doing cardio and the weight-training which may take you over 1 hour to finish. Not to mention the time it takes to get ready then shower while still thinking about all your other responsibilities. Slowly but steady wins the race. Even before you say that you want to get there as fast as you can, think about how many times you took the faster route. Think about all the other times you wasted thinking about taking the faster route. Going on another diet and knowing how painful it will be for your life with so many restrictions, temptations and body soreness. Now, I am about to tell you the 5 ways but before I do, let me ask you a question... Would you rather take the faster route of getting to your goal and be likely to fall off the fitness wagon again even if you reach your goal? (I know you’ve tried this already and saw what happened.) Or... Be committed this time, take a more sustainable approach where you still have fun in your life which will lead you to your goal AND! you keep your results for long term? You already know the answer to that so without further ado, here are The 5 Ways For An Effective Workout.

1. Time yourself Our attention is limited on a dialy basis. I know you have other important matters to attend to so you can’t afford spending hours to workout. Setting a time limit is a great way to know that you haven’t spent too much time on your fitness. Once the alarm goes off you stop your workout. That being said, you will not finish every workout that you do and they will not be perfect. You may find that you haven’t done enough and that you should be doing more. That is the beauty of it, you want to do more and the perfect workout does not exist. Only a better one which you will achieve by practice.

2. Prep your equipment Why do you get your things ready for work? It’s makes it easier doesn’t it? You just grab and go.

Why not do the same for your workouts? If you‘re going to the gym, prep your clothes, protein shake and everything else you need the night before. If you’re working-out at home then prep your yoga matt, band, dumbbells, water bottle and whatever else you fancy the night before. When we are tired we often go to fast food restaurants because it is easy access for food. Make your workouts easier to access so you are more likely to get them done.

3. Make it Fun

Sounds obvious but it‘s not. I know what you’re thinking, how do you make workouts fun? Personally, the ways I make my workouts fun are:

- Dressing the part. Wearing the clothes that make you feel like an athlete. - Creating and playing a music playlist that you love during your workout. - Joining Online or In-person Fitness Classes. - Doing your workout with a friend or someone you live with (Online or in-person). - Experimenting different workouts on Youtube. The trick here is to have an open mind and have no expectations but to move.

4. Track your progress Consistency with your workouts are great but you also have to know if you’re going in the right direction. Truth, honesty and acceptance is what it takes to make real progress. At times you often lie to yourself about you progress and when you do, you tear yourself down. By not accepting the reality of where you are will keep you stuck. Accepting and knowing that it’s okay to be where you are because it let‘s you know what changes to make will move you faster than you think. Whether it is tracking your habits, how many workouts you do in a week or how long you worked out for, you must know which direction you are going.

5. Fuel your body

Will a car run without gas in the tank? The same goes with your body. About 2-3 hours before your workout, have a solid meal that has a balance of fats, carbs and protein. If you do not have time to eat then consume a small snack like a banana or any fruits that your body can easily consume. Fuelling your body with the proper nutrients will give you the energy you need to get your workout done and have energy after. And there you have it. Once again, “Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing”.

Also, I promised that you would be rewarded at the end of this blog so here is my gift to you. Here is a FREE guide I made that is compiled by 6 years of research, trial and errors. It is designed to get you on the more sustainable path we talked about. “THE 5 MINUTE FORMULA” Once I have reached 100 people download this formula then I will take it down. I only want a handful of action-takers to access to this because of how powerful it can be. Remember, nothing happens without “ACTION”.

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