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The number 1 reason why you yoyo diet and the 1 thing you can do to make healthy habits stick

Your biggest challenge right now is that you have been trying many ways to lose body-fat. You have probably tried the;

❌ketogenic diet

❌intermittent fasting

❌the paleo diet

And after watching the documentary “Game Changers” you’re probably thinking about going vegan. Heck, you may be doing it now.

The honest truth is that they all work. They are all great ways to get in shape. However, what they don’t tell you is that these diets should only apply to certain people. I am not talking about body types, I am talking the digestive system and the individual’s daily schedule.

I will give some examples, if someone naturally does not eat breakfast or lunch and this person eats 1-2x a day then intermittent fasting would be a great diet for them. If a person is having digestive issues or bowel problems then a partial vegan diet would be great for them because all the vegetables and greens can help with their digestive difficulties.

You see, the reason why you fail to stick to a diet is because it is not built for your lifestyle. And if you just keep going from one diet or another you might eventually give up all together. To you, nothing may seem to work. I am sure you’ve had these thoughts before.

Despite all your failed attempts to a healthy life, I know you still have hope and haven’t lost the vision of moving towards the best version of you.

So how can you stop this cycle of dieting? How can you start building a strong foundation so you can actually keep the fruits of your labour?

The answer isn’t sexy, you may not like what I am going to say and you’ve probably heard it before but here it is......


You’ve got to develop strong healthy habits.

Think about it, if you were to workout, eat properly and sleep on time without all the conflict in your head that is preventing you from doing so, wouldn’t you reach your goal eventually?

You wouldn’t be trying so hard and you just get up and take action. Healthy habits will give you consistency and consistency will walk you to finally losing that belly fat that has been holding you back from your best life.

You maybe thinking “I tried that too but I can’t even stick to my good habits for too long”. That’s because you may not know how habits work.

Your brain is thinking that your hard work has no reward. What is the point of working out and eating all these whole foods if I am I don’t get anything out of it.

It sounds bad but we all do things to get a reward. We go to work to get paid. We brush our teeth because it freshens our breath. Do you want to know what makes a great shampoo and why people keep buying them? It’s not just because it cleans your hair but because of the foam it makes. When you wash your hair do you double shampoo because the first try did not foam? You see....

So what am I saying? You have to reward your good habits.

The next time you say you’re eating a serving of veggies, reward yourself. ✨

The next time you go for a workout, reward yourself. ✨

The next time you make a healthy choice when you’re eating out, reward yourself. ✨

You are programming your mind to think that you will be rewarded for your hard work. As you do this over and over again it will become easier for you to perform the act.

It’s like driving. The first few times it’s hard and you’ve got to be on high alert but eventually you get rewarded by getting to your destination faster. Driving in beginning is scary but you practice because you get a reward. As you drive over the years it becomes a habit. Sometimes you don’t even remember how you got home from work. Do you see what I am saying?

It’s a little tricky with fitness because you won’t see the reward right away. It takes a few months to a year to see change.

That’s means you’ve got to find external rewards that does not conflict with you reaching your goal.

You can do things like making a to do list and one of those things is to workout. Once you’ve done your workout you can put a check mark beside “workout” on your to do list.✅

The reason why checklists work is because once you have checked off the task you associate that with success and celebration. You brain releases a hormone called “Dopamine” which is responsible for the feelings of pleasure, learning and motivation.

My point is that if you can make the healthy habits you need reach your goal stick much faster and actually stick then you are well on your way. It will just be a matter of time until you get there. If you’re serious about developing the right habits you need to reach your goal instead of just wishing for it and if you are the type to take massive action on your goal then I would like to invite for our 3 complimentary sessions. These sessions are designed to pinpoint what you’re missing and If you’re ready to make the necessary steps. So if you’re ready then click on this LINK and we will see you on the other side.

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