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The 5 biggest myths of fat-loss

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

It gets confusing, I know. You want to get started but where do you start? You just want to know that your efforts are getting you closer to the results you want. If you keep reading I will reveal to you what I consider the 5 biggest myths when it comes to losing body-fat.

So right now you are frozen because there are so many options. You are stuck in paralysis by analysis. Your friends tell you to go on the Keto diet because they lost a tremendous amount of weight. You may also have seen a lot of celebrities in the magazines lose a lot of weight in a short period of time by intermittent fasting. The list goes on. Hearing these kinds of stories are great but now which way is going to be the best for you.

So what are the 5 biggest myths? Let me share it with you. 1️⃣YOU HAVE TO GO ON A DIET Diets work but only for the short term. The reason why this is a myth because it is not necessary to go on a diet. Although it can get you results very fast, you can also lose the results you worked hard for very fast. The reason why they work is that most diets get you on a “Calorie Deficit”. Which is getting you to eat fewer calories than you are consuming. The bottom line, you lose weight when you eat less regardless of what diet you are on. So no you don’t need to go on a diet. 2️⃣YOU HAVE TO DO CARDIO EVERYDAY When I say cardio I mean investing a lot of time on a treadmill, stair-master, elliptical or even running outside. These methods of exercise will help contribute to your body transformation but they are also not necessary. It is good to get your heart rate up with cardio but doing an excessive amount for the sake of changing your body is not the best way to invest your time. You may feel like you’ve lost a lot of body fat because of how much sweat your body releases after a run. I am not saying that cardio is bad but if you combine your cardio with some weight training then you will be doing some serious damage creating better results. Proper weight training will help you utilize the biggest muscle groups which will burn more body-fat in less time than cardio.

3️⃣YOU HAVE TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS The supplement industry has been advertising their supplements like they have some sort of magic trick or it is a special pill you take to get results. Protein weight-gainers, protein isolate, slow-releasing protein, fat-burners, testosterone boosters, and the list can go on. By the way, when I say supplements I mean anything that promotes speeding up the results for fat-loss or muscle gain. That being said, not all supplements are bad, they have their use too. For example, someone that doesn’t have time to make breakfast can have a protein shake with a banana as a replacement. The bottom line, supplements are not necessary. 4️⃣LOSING WEIGHT MEANS LOSING BODY-FAT At times the scale can be a pain. It is a different number each time you step on it. You work hard to stay on track with your goal but when you step in the scale the number is up by 2-5 lbs the next day. Then you get a day where you did not put much effort into your diet but you lost some weight. You see, the weight you lost or gained can be many things. It could water weight you gained from muscle soreness or from eating a high sodium meal, salt helps your body retain water. The weight you lost could be many things as well, such as losing muscle mass or losing water weight. Be careful about what tools you use to track your progress. You want to aim for losing body-fat versus body-weight.


This one is tricky. It really depends on the lifestyle. For instance, an athlete or someone that trains in the morning needs a solid breakfast as fuel for their intense workout. Someone that wants to get a lot of work done before noon doesn’t necessarily need breakfast. By eating breakfast, they might slow down their productivity. A lot of people actually skip breakfast because they just don’t feel hungry in the morning because the truth is, breakfast can be eaten at anytime of the day. How? Well think about the word, “break” and “fast”. All you are really doing is breaking your fast which doesn’t necessarily have to be in the morning. The next time you hear any one telling you these things, you make sure to run the other way. Getting in shape isn’t just about tricks and methods. Anyone or anything that promises you a quick and fast method to get results maybe overpromising. Don’t get me wrong they do work but only for short term and I know you have tried the short route. You are reading this because you are ready for permanent change.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little article, I hope you got a lot of value out of it. Please like and share this video to anyone you feel that needs to learn this information.

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