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There's one major habits you're missing out on

You might feel like a little mess.

You're home now... a LOT, and the times that you're home, seem to just blend together.

You might even be struggling to know what day it is today.

You know what you need to do, but you're struggling to stay consistent.

That workout was supposed to be finished by now, but you keep putting it off for later, that turns into a "tomorrow", that turns into never. You should be cooking your meals, but that too much like your workouts end up rarely happening, so you resort to feeding your hunger through snacks.

So what's missing?

One word: ROUTINE.

And what is the first step towards building a routine?

Having a schedule.

Now you might be thinking, but I have a schedule and it doesn't work. But when's the last time you looked at your schedule, wrote something into your schedule, or even adjusted your schedule.

Let's be honest here, is your schedule really the same as it was before when you were going to work? Shouldn't you be able to do even more now that you're saving travel time?

With that all being said, I'm going to help you master your scheduling, and show you how I've made my schedule super effective in helping me accomplish all I wish to get done.


Having weekly goals is so important as they give you a sense of direction and make sure you are moving closer to accomplishing your big goals.

My weekly goals usually involve specific actions I need to be consistent with for my business, health, and spiritual.

It helps to have a journal in which at the beginning of the week you write 1-3 goals you want to focus on completing that week.

Maybe it's to write out a grocery list, maybe it's to make 3 sales, maybe it's to get 3 workouts done.

Highlight them or bold them, to make emphasis on them.


Be it physical or digital, having somewhere to lay out your thoughts is SO helpful. You don't have to worry about skipping out on something, and you can leave your mind room to think about other things and be creative.

I use my phone and my journal. You can buy a planner, or you can even create one, like the example above.

Write down important events and dates, and again HIGHLIGHT them or make them BOLD to emphasize their importance.

Do you have a meeting? Do you need to meal prep for that week? Write it down and highlight it.


Sometimes our mistake isn't only that we don't have a to-do list, but it's that we are making too long of a to-do list.

What I found personally helped me was to stick to creating a new to-do list per day and sticking to no more than 3 things. This insured I actually got it done, but also helped me create wins every time I crossed it off. Not only did I find myself getting all 3 important things done, but I accomplished more and kept a steady pace throughout the week.


If you really feel like you have no time, it helps to write out your schedule on an hourly basis. Sometimes we perceive ourselves as being busy all the time but don't notice the time we waste laying on our beds, scrolling through social media, or glimpsing whatever is on TV.

As you lay out your schedule hourly, don't forget to put in the time for lunch and your breaks. You will notice that you do in fact, have gaps somewhere throughout your week, and seeing it physically laid out, will help limit your stress.

If there are things you struggling finding time for, then by writing it out you can be certain to leave some room for it to be able to stay consistent and build that habit.

Things like meal prepping, your workouts, going for walks, decluttering, etc. And to make sure you don't miss them, again, colour-coat them to make sure they stand out.

Now if you want to start scheduling by physically writing it down, you can buy a planner at places like Chapters, or a plain journal/notepad and customize it to your taste.

Or you can make the switch to digital as I have, and use your phone's calendar and it's amazing capabilities, or even use one of my favourite apps called ASANA.

Through Asana, not only do you have a calendar but can create tasks (to-do lists) and categorize them then according to your goals. How cool is that?

Take it one step at a time. Trying to do all this at once might get overwhelming and might be something you don't enjoy then.

This should be a time for yourself, and something you know and feel will benefit you and help you move forward.

So let us know, are you going to start scheduling properly? And if yes, how do you prefer to schedule.

Comment below and share this article if you found it helpful.

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