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I know most people can relate to this, especially right before summer season hits.

Fitness may just be a routine for people but to me it is everything. I was not just able to change my physical state but also my career, my relationships, and my mental state is a lot better before I started taking care of myself.

I remember I hated shopping. I hated trying on clothes. The reason why I hated it so much was because of the way I felt and how long it took me to find the clothes that made look attractive (in my eyes).

Every time a would try on a pair of jeans my belly-fat would cover the top button. My love handles would flow over the side of my pants and I could see them hanging out purposely making me miserable.

It is not just jeans but the shirts as well. I will not find one shirt that can hide my belly. I could always feel it against my jeans then my shirt.

It was so hard to move around without feeling like a water balloon.

Whenever I walk I would constantly suck my gut in hopes that it would disappear from my sight whilst having a smile on my face like everything was okay.....but it wasn't.

Sitting down was the worst. It was when my lies were revealed and my gut was exposed. I had to sit down just like the queen of England just so I could create the illusion of not having a belly.

It ran my life and I was so sick of it.

Soon after, I took action. I made a commitment that I will be the best version of myself just so I can never feel that pain of insecurity and doubt about myself again.

I have invested a lot of time, money and effort. I still am but you know what?.......all that work is worth it. I soon realized that it was not just about feeling insecure and hating the way I look makes me feel but it was about being free. Free in my own skin and free from constantly worrying about what I put in my mouth. It may sound ironic but because of the structure that a healthy lifestyle has provided, I am able to eat what I want, I am able to love my workouts and most of all I am able to fall in love with my life. If you are struggling with the same problem I was and you want to feel free in your own skin then book-in a call with us. We can brainstorm together on how you can finally solve this problem that has been holding you back for so long. Together we can devise a plan that will get you to your ideal self and keep it for the long term.

-Coach Novette

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