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How to Get Back On Track While Being Home

It’s okay, you don’t have to workout because you’re stuck at home ⚠️

This statement is running in your mind and you don’t even know it. Staying at home is great in the beginning because you have more time back but with too much freedom comes chaos.

This whole situation feels like a break so you’re letting yourself do the things that aren’t moving you to where you want to be. No workouts, no healthy eating, no priorities but a lot of consuming TV shows and snacks. This is causing you to feel sluggish, unmotivated, lost and confused. You want this whole thing to be over soon so you can get back on track but the truth is you don’t know when that is going to be.

However, there is a way to get on track while being at home. You can still get fit, be healthy and start getting your energy back as if this whole thing never happened. To be honest, this is the perfect time to get in shape and start living your best life.

You can still be healthy and move forward towards your ideal fitness while being at home. Many of our clients had the same problems as you. We are all in similar situations, aren’t we? Because of the guidance, they received from us they were able to get back on their feet and found a way to develop a healthy lifestyle even in isolation. Remember those prison movies, the inmates were at their fittest even in confinement. Yes, you’re stuck at home but you don’t have to be a prisoner of your body.

So what can you start doing to get out of this funk?

1️⃣Seek Support

During a time like this, having a support system is important. Sometimes we can’t do things all on our own, and maybe we need someone there to lift us up.

You can find support through:

🖤A social media group: You can find these groups on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn. People are finding ways to come together on social media now, and it’s amazing.

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook  Nori Athletics community HERE.

🖤It could be your friends and family. Communicate to them that you need help at keeping you accountable, or for them to help encourage you. Do workouts together at home, or join a virtual class together.

Message us on @noriathletics to join our Live Zoom Bootcamps that come on 4x a week! And don’t worry, if you miss them we post the recordings in a private group. Or simply just purchase the Live Zoom Bootcamps UNLIMITED access for a month HERE.

You can even find our Zoom Bootcamps on Classpass!

🖤The last option is to find a coach. Any type of coach, mindset or health and fitness are around to support you and lift you up to your feet again when it’s hard. Our job is to understand you and give you action steps towards getting out of difficult situations.

If you need and or want support from a coach, join our Nori Athletics PRO Wellness Program FREE for 30 DAYS. To join CLICK HERE and book a call in us so we can create your plan.

2️⃣Another thing you should do is prime your morning.

Your mornings are the start of your day, and believe it or not, but the actions you take in the morning can sometimes directly affect the actions and decisions you make throughout the day.

So what can we do to prime our mornings?

✨Write down your gratitudes. We like the idea of writing down 1-3 gratitudes every morning. Gratitudes are a very powerful tool to set your mindset into the present situations, and remove worry and anxiety that come from thinking about the future.

✨Write down a to-do list of 3 major things you want to accomplish. By writing down what you want to accomplish that day, you’re making yourself very aware of what needs to be done, and you’re likely to make time for it.

The actions can be like, meal prepping, a workout, a walk, laundry, etc.

✨Practice meditation and breathwork. 

If you only have 5 mins in the morning, then commit to 5 mins. Our most simple way of explaining breathwork and meditation, is by allowing yourself to focus on your breath, thinking about where the breath goes in and exits your body. Letting the thoughts come and go, as you’re going through your meditation.

Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and breathe out for 8 seconds.

There are even amazing Apps you can use like Headspace, that guides you slowly through each meditation.

✨Create mini wins right from the moment you wake up.

This could be doing your bed, doing 30-60s of an exercise like jumping jacks or burpees, drinking a glass of water.

So many things, find three and make that part of your routine.

3️⃣And the last thing we suggest you try to do is to manage your stress by changing your focus.

And this can sometimes be very difficult, so what actions can you start taking today to manage your stress and change your focus?

⚡️Meditation, read the paragraph above that talks about it.

⚡️Read something positive. A book like "You Are a Badass" by Jen Sincero, or go to the website . Learn how to expose your mind to something other than the negative news on your TV and social media.

⚡️Go for a walk outside in nature. Although we are practicing social distancing, nothing says we can’t go outside for a nature walk.

⚡️Improve your sleep. Poor sleep is tied closely to increased stress. If your body isn’t able to recover properly during sleep, it feels as though it is in a survival mood. When your body is at a survival level, the stress hormones are up. This will cause a clouded mind and more anxiety.

Watch what you do before going to bed. Your exposure to blue light, eating too close to going to bed or working too close to when you will sleep.

⚡️What has helped us get our deep sleep lately is a CBD Tincture by Delush. CBD is a natural product that produces cannabinoids that sometimes our body doesn’t make enough of. These cannabinoids keep our anxiety levels down, and our brain functions. CBD oils have also been known to reduce inflammation throughout our body, as well as double your deep sleep, which it has for us.

We not only take the Delush CBD Tincture in the evening to help our sleep but sometimes throughout the day to lower our anxiety. The Delush Tincture also contains MCT oil, to help improve brain function and clarity. Try putting it in your tea or coffee in the morning. To get your Delush Tincture, message us on our Instagram or check out their website HERE.

Now, this is just a fraction of what you are capable of. We believe that you can come off these times better than when you started, just like our clients did.

For this reason, we want to offer you our PRO Wellness Program FREE for 30 days. You will get coaching calls with us, a specific workout and nutrition plan for your goal, and teach you how to stay healthy and fit while at home and during this stressful time

So let’s have a quick about how we can map out your action steps and get you started on your FREE 30 Days of our program.

👇👇Comment down below “RESULTS” or CLICK HERE to book in a quick chat with us so we can create a plan together so you can start waking up focused and motivated with your free 30 days of our PRO Wellness Program.

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