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How to Cope with Feeling Overwhelmed

Now, in this day and age you feel overwhelmed especially at the start of the work week. However, at times you don’t feel like doing anything about it because you are so tired that you just want to rest. Do you think doing nothing is dealing with it? Of course not but what ends up happening is that you still feel so burnt out that during your down times you don’t want to do anything. This makes you feel like you have a lot on your plate.

Now that you know doing anything is not going to fix the situation what can you do? I know you are an action taker so if you read this blog all the way to the end you will learn the action steps that you need to do in order for you to gain more energy, to be less overwhelmed and to function the way you should so you can do more and be more. If you do not read this blog you may forever stay the same with the same problem that is right in your face. By not learning how to deal with this in your life, it may result in great regret long term. You will wonder what could’ve been and what you have missed out on. You can say goodbye to all the things that you’ve always wanted in your life.

You are here reading this blog because you want more for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I know you want change and you’re ready to change. Change starts in the mind first, your thoughts create emotions. However, you must act upon those emotions and use them as energy. It may sound like I’m talking outside of health and fitness but the truth is your mindset is the biggest part when it comes to changing your physicality. Once you get your mindset right, learn how to handle stress and feeling overwhelmed then you will be able to change the way you look in the way you feel about yourself. Your mind will always dictate what your body does.

Most people push themselves physically but are unable to be pulled mentally. Do you ever see people in the gym or know someone that goes to the gym every single day that is in an incredible shape that makes you think to yourself “how are they how

are you able to do this?” or “how is this not painful for them?”. In order to be in the same shape as they are you have to have the same mindset, they know something you don’t. What they know helps them get pulled towards their goals instead of pushing themselves. Kind of like a string that gets a cat excited. They are not just doing it to get a result or to change their body but they are doing it because they are clear on how it’s going to benefit their life. Once you find a reason why, you will drop all the excuses, you will prioritize your fitness goal and you’ll find ways on how to reach it no matter what. There are many obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your fitness goal or being a better version of yourself. Right now, it is the feeling of having too much or doing too much. This is where your anxiety is coming from and that is why you were reading this.

So here it is, here are the top three things that you can do to deal with feeling overwhelmed so you can get done what you need to get done to attain the result that you want with your body.

1. Write down the top 3 things that need to be done

One of the top reasons why you have been feeling overwhelmed is because you bite off more than you can chew. This means you give yourself too much to do in one day so you feel rushed. When you feel rushed you cannot enjoy the process and at the same time you feel like you are not getting anything done. So instead of having 10 tasks to do in one day give yourself a maximum of 3 important tasks to do. 3 main things that will push you towards your goal for example, drinking 8 glassses of water that day, having one serving of vegetables that day and going for a 10 minute walk. It may not see much or you may know that it will not help you reach your goal with that pace but what it will do Is it will give you confidence and will create momentum. Like a snowball that you’re rolling down to a hill that gets bigger and bigger or like a train that gains speed that will be almost impossible to stop. That’s what you want to do, become unstoppable by gaining momentum just by starting with 3 things to get done.

2. Scheduling in breaks

Do you ever wonder in the beginning when you’re starting something or when you set a goal, in any area of your life, you’re motivated and have lots of energy? However, towards the middle and the end you start to burn out and when you do burn out you stop. Maybe even permanently.

Let’s say I’ll give you a challenge to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes but I stop you at 9, most likely you are going to want to finish 10 minutes. Now you a feeling of “I want to finish it” will grow so now you crave it. Versus if I tell you to do 10 minutes but after I push you to do 20 minutes, you may feel like you’ve done too much. The next time you want to do another session on the treadmill your experience is going to determine whether you are going to do it again. If your experience is bad then you’re not going to want to do it again but if your experience is great then you will most likely repeat the act. Taking breaks at the right times will create a better experience for you and will help you have more air to breathe so you can enjoy the process.

3. Set Boundaries

Last but not least, this is the most important. Set boundaries. What I mean by setting boundaries is that when you are with family or friends then be present with family and friends. When you were at work then be present when you are working. Do not mix fun and work or time with family with work. This will make you feel overwhelmed also, by spending too much time

having fun you will feel like you have done nothing or by spending too much time working you will feel like you are working too much, this ties in with taking breaks. If you do not set boundaries on the calendar, or somewhere, and if you just set bounderies in your head it will not be there because anything that is not written down will not be done. By not setting boundaries you’re allowing yourself to work 10, 12,18 or even 24 hours a day even if it’s just mentally. Most of the time we are mentally exhausted than we are physically. We are thinking that we are not working when in reality we are actually working 24/7 but only mentally.

So now that you have attained this information I want to tell you that knowledge is just half the power. Having knowledge with no action will get you no where fast. True power is not just knowledge but applied knowledge because only action will get things done. Think about that and I mean really think about that, you may already know this information but why are you still in the same position? It’s because you haven’t taken action on what you need to do. You may have already read this in other blogs or websites and it sounds like it’s the same information, the only difference is you haven’t taken the time to actually apply the knowledge. I know you are an action taker and I know you already know this but now it’s time to apply. Let this be a great reminder for you to take action. Always take action even if it’s something small when you decide on changing your life, always follow it up with a small act whether it’s writing it down, taking you 5 minutes to do it right away or telling someone. Some sort of action so you can create momentum. By the way, “momentum” is the killer of procrastination.

If you’re unsure what kind of actions to take then let us give you this gift. Our 5 Minute Formula the reason why we call it our 5 Minute Formula is because we want bite-size actions. Bite-size actions built up overtime will create a giant result and bite-size actions are easy to do so I know you’re an action taker so click on this link to start the momentum of your success with your fitness goal. 5 Minute Formula

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