Healthy Habits vs. The Holidays

Let’s be real here, how many years can you look back at where you’ve been able to stick to your healthy regime throughout the holiday season?

You’re so good right now. All the efforts you put towards going to the gym are starting to pay off.

You’ve been consistent with both the gym and you’re nutrition, and you’re happy to see things starting to fall in place.

But you can’t help but dread that the Christmas parties with friends and work are around the corner, or that family gatherings and trips are being planned.

It totally sucks I know…

All the temptations with food.

All the workouts that have to be cancelled to attend the events.

And over time, the routine starts to break and you start to want to maintain these habits less, and less.

I’ve been on both spectrums;

Being too strict - watching in agony my family or friends eat foods that I “couldn’t’ eat. 

Or being too lenient, basically just letting go - because I felt that the holidays were just not a time for anyone to stay healthy besides those that are SUPER fit.