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Focus On Developing Skills To Get The Outcome

You set a goal to lose X amount of weight to feel comfortable wearing the clothes that make you feel confident where ever you go. You imagine yourself walking into a room with people that compliment you on how you have changed physically and mentally. Your friends and family see how much you glow, the only problem is that it is all in your head. You want it so bad but every-time you look in the mirror you still see the same old you. You are stuck.

Everyday you are thinking about how your life will change when you achieve your goal but the flip side of that coin is it also discourages you because you are nowhere near it. The lack of progress is making you want to quit because what is the point of all this effort if it takes you nowhere. I feel your pain, I too had thoughts of giving up because when I step on the scale the number does not change. That feeling of despair is very strong and can ruin your life, if you let it. I asked myself, “Who do I know that has achieved what I want?”. So overtime I sought those people and picked their brains on what is it I am missing that is stopping me from moving towards my goal of a 6 pack. After many conversations and time spent seeking out these successful people, I found that it was a lack of ”Skills” that I have not developed. The skillset in creating the result I want for my body which is my belly-fat gone and my 6 six pack built.

Entertain this thought for a minute. I get it, I did not want to wait and put in all that effort also. Many times I wanted to find an easier way but I truly believe in the saying “Easy come, easy go“. I want to achieve my goal and keep it for long term. The feeling of not having my tail between my legs and the ability to walk into to any room thinking that I have done tough things to get where I am is a feeling that no one can take away. This feeling will allow me to help my family pay off their mortgage because I will be better at my job. This feeling will help me become the loving person I am to my partner. This feeling will help me look in the mirror, stand up proud and be excited because I know that today will be a great day. Not achieving this goal will not make these come true. That is why you owe it to yourself and others for you to come at your best. To be at your best in your relationships, your career and with your health. Here are reasons why and some tips on developing the skillset is crucial.

1. Pains of Focusing on the Outcome We all know that too much of something is bad for us. Focusing on our goal all day will get anything done. Don’t get me wrong, we need to have our eyes on the prize and to add to that we need to take action as well. Shift majority of your focus into developing the skills you need. A doctor was not just focused all day on getting a diploma, the doctor also focused on getting better with surgery, listening to patients and prescribing the right treatments. Action Step: Write down what skills you need to be better at.

2. Benefits of Focusing on Skills

Do you remember a time when you learned how to ride a bike or maybe learned how to play an instrument and you focused on just getting better? You were not worried about playing a song in-front of an audience or riding your bicycle for a 100 kilometres. You just wanted to be better at it and it was an exciting time in your life knowing you are achieving something.

When you concentrate on getting better you shift focus from “I am not there yet” to “I can’t believe how much better I am in a short period of time”. You also have a better attitude and you almost get addicted to taking more action. You become certain that if you just keep going you will eventually get there. You build the clear belief that it is achievable for you.

Action Step: Write down what benefits you will get when you focus on skills.

3. How to start focusing on skills We can have it all but which one first? We must accept that “Rome was not built in one day”, the same goes with your dream body. You have tried going on diets, workout programs and you achieved your goal but lost it fast, right? Do you think focusing on one thing is easier than the focusing on 10 things? Will chasing one rabbit instead of 2 give you a higher chance of catching a rabbit? What I am saying is to focus on 1 skill every 2-3 weeks until it becomes a habit. Once it is a habit then it is automatic, almost no effort is required of you to do the task.

Action Step: Pick one skill and develop it for the next 2-3 weeks.

Think about a part of your life that you are dominating right now and what skills do you have that makes that possible. Ask yourself, “How can I apply these same skills to achieve my fitness goal?”. Now, I know you know someone that can benefit from reading this blog. If you do please pass this on to them for it may change their life and gain a new perspective on how they can reach their goal. Here is one of the skills to develop. Click this link to learn 3 rules on how to eat healthy for long-term.

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