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Even putting in a 10% effort will give you results. Here is how.

So how do you prevent yourself from falling off the wagon so you can achieve your desired goal?

In your mind, you are thinking that if you do not put in 110% in your workout or in your nutrition, you might as well not. All in or nothing is your attitude and to be honest, at times this can really help. However, most of the time it kills your consistency to take daily action and you know this.

Think about your current situation or your past experiences. How many times have you told yourself that you would go to the gym or start your diet only to be disappointed because you do not have your ideal circumstances? Be it Christmas dinners that force you to fall off the wagon or thanksgiving dinner where you had more than one slice of pumpkin pie. You then think that your progress is ruined so you might as well start over or even worse, quit. Whether you know it or not, this kills your self-belief and negatively impacts how you see yourself. A quitter and a liar.

Don’t let that happen to yourself.

In order for you to reach your goal, don’t you think you need to be taking action on a daily basis? To walk a thousand miles, you need to take it one step at a time don’t you agree?

If you are not taking those steps do you think you will get to where you want to be? Probably not. I know because this same mentality got me nowhere, it was when I stopped being perfect is when I actually took consistent action.

I remember in the past I would be on a strict plan and every time I skip a workout or eat a piece of chocolate, it would be the end of the world for me. I would pause for weeks and then start over. This cycle repeated every year, for many years. It was only when I allowed myself to make mistakes so I can keep stepping forward confidentially, did I realized that perfection doesn’t exist. You will only reach your destination if you keep moving forward and not when you keep going back to the start line.

It makes total sense right? Okay, so now that you know this what are some things you can do? All this information and being self-conscious is great but nothing will change if an action does not take place.

Let me share with you 3 principles that have helped me and many of our clients stay on track to reach the desired goal.

1. 5-minute tasks

Anyone can perform an activity for 5 minutes. You already are thinking that this will not do anything or be effective enough to create change but remember, nothing will happen if you don’t step forward. The key here is to make it so easy to do that it also makes it impossible not to do. The beauty is that when you get to the 5-minute mark, you will actually want to do more. The way to beat procrastination is with momentum. When you have momentum then you become unstoppable.

2. Setting realistic expectations

Be honest with yourself when you set activity goals. Can you really workout, run, bike, or do any sort of physical activity for 2 hours daily? Or can you do 5 minutes daily? If you are a beginner then 5 minutes daily would be the best place to start. Think of where you need to go then think of where you are starting. Build your way up slowly. Rome was not built in one day and the same goes for your body. Make sure your expectations match with your life.

3. Beginner’s Mind

Whatever plan you may be on or whatever program you are following, make sure that you are treating it like it’s the first time you have done it. If you have a closed mind then you will believe that the current plan you are on will not help you because you have done it before and quit. Maybe you have done the same exercises and did not see the results you wanted. Adopting a Beginner’s Mind will allow you to see and experience new things even if you have done them before. There might be something you missed and that one thing could be the missing piece to your problems.

I remember I followed a fitness plan that did not get me results because a friend of mine told me that he tried the program and did not get results. I went into the fitness plan already expecting to fail which I did. After some time I decided to give it a shot but this time with a beginner’s mind. I was ready to learn,  low and behold I experienced it differently. I immediately knew that this plan will take me to where I want to go. After a few months, although I did not reach my goal, I got to about 80% towards my goal.

I was hooked.

There you have it, my 3 principles to approaching health in a way that will keep you on track to your goal.

It isn’t always about will power and motivation, those things come and go. It is when we take action even when we do not want to is what will make the magic happen.

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