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You want to be healthy but why can’t you

Your mind is telling you but your body won’t do it. Why?

The thought that you have to be healthy, eat healthy, exercise and sleep early is always running in your mind. However, why is it that when you tell yourself to do these things you can’t seem take action on it?

In this blog you will find out why this is happening and how you can fix it. There is a reason why you want to be in better shape. Once you find that reason why then you will not have to force yourself to do it. There won’t be any nagging in your head but support. You will feel pulled instead of someone telling you what you should be doing.

As human beings, we do not want to be told what to do. We want to be inspired to do it. You know this has happened to you before. There were days where you were inspired to go for a run, workout in the gym, make something or take up some sort of hobby. You weren’t told what to do but had the urge to do it, it was a feeling. It was like you conjured the idea in your head that this will make my life better and more joyful. You see, we do everything to get something. It sounds selfish so let me explain. We go to work to get a pay cheque. We eat food for fuel and pleasure. We shower to be clean.

Now, you may be thinking that not all your actions needs a return and yes I understand where you are coming from. You hold a door for someone and you do not expect anything back, right? But what if that person did not say “thank you”? How would you feel? Even if you did not expect gratitude, your act of kindness gives you something back. It keeps you knowing that you are a good person.

It is a universal law, the law of cause and effect. For every cause there is an effect and vice versa. It’s just the way it is and it’s not a bad thing. We all deserve a return, one way or another. It cannot be changed.

When it comes to getting in better shape, the return you want takes a little longer. The fact that you know this demotivates you and it becomes a burden that feels like work instead of play.

The first time you got in shape you were on fire, consistent and the motivation was through the roof. You were seeing the results every week. You see the vision of yourself being in the best shape of your life. You know deep inside that each workout you get done gets you closer to your vision. You were unstoppable. So what has changed? What happened? Where did all this go?

Your vision has changed. You no longer see the goal and the prize. What you see is the hard work, the dieting, the food restrictions and the painful workouts. That feeling of bliss and success with your body is gone and has been replaced with doubt. The doubt that you could go through that all over again but, you have no choice. That was the only way you know to reach your goal. You have to do it again. You then decide that you will go on the same path and decide to start the following week. You tell your family and your friends that you are doing this to get their support. Days before starting the diet and training plan you indulge yourself with your favourite foods because you know you won’t be allowed to eat them until your next cheat day.

Fast forward to the first week of your journey, you did not have the will power to resist your favourite food so you decide to start again next week. Next week comes and you screw up another time so once again you decide to start the following week. The cycle of restarting just keeps reoccurring each week and you can’t seem to stick to your plan. At this point, you only tell yourself that you are getting into shape so nobody knows when you will quit again. So we are now back. Your body does not listen to you. You mind keeps telling you to do it but you just can’t. It’s too hard and painful. Why can’t you move now?

Here is why. ❌You don’t believe yourself anymore.

Have you ever had a friend in the past that never keeps their word? They say that they would do something but they don’t and have done it on multiple occasions. So you end up not believing them anymore and eventually you don’t value the friendship. That is what happened with yourself. You don’t value your word. And yes you have a relationship with yourself whether you know it or not. You have been telling yourself that you would start taking care of your well-being but have not followed through on your word many times. Even if you only say it in your head. So now, you don’t believe yourself anymore. In order for you to reach any goal in life you have to develop belief first. The belief in yourself and the belief that it can happen because the solutions are always in front of your face. If you lack belief then those solutions will become lies that will not help you when in fact they will. The very solutions to your problems are right there but you just don’t believe it. Either you think these solutions won’t help you or you are not capable on following through on what you need to do. Now that you know this. What do you think you need to start doing?

✅Start to believe in yourself. Take it small and create small tasks to create small wins. Recreate that respect and trust because it’s true what they say, word is bond.

Don’t create goals or tasks that you find hard. that comes later. Right now ask yourself, what is one thing that you can do every day consistently without fail? is it.... 1️⃣Going for a 10 min walk ever morning. 2️⃣Eating a serving of veggies daily.

3️⃣Sleeping 1 hour earlier every day.

4️⃣Reading 2 pages of a book.

🌟The formula of gaining confidence, respect, and belief within yourself is by sticking to your word. Right now this is what I feel you need. Bring that trust back to yourself because that is a huge factor when it comes to rebuilding a relationship. Make that word easy. Eventually, make that word hard and complete harder tasks for yourself to strengthen that muscle. Yes, it is like a muscle and it must be challenged all the time for it to grow. There will be no growth without challenges.

Will it take you a little longer to achieve your goal? Yes. Is it really that simple? Yes, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t require some work because it does. You need to consistently build on your self-trust and at this point, it will take some time.

If you have ever seen a skyscraper being built from start to finish then you will know that it takes a very long time, and I mean a very long time, to build the foundation. The view from the ground level you will see gates covering the construction site and you will not see any floors being built. Like it’s not even being worked on. After the foundation is done then you will see floor after floor appearing at a faster rate each time you see it. Eventually, you look at the final product months later and you can’t believe how fast it was built.

If there was no focus and attention on building a strong foundation then the building may collapse faster than the time it took to build. That is the importance of a solid foundation. It is the same when it comes to achieving a great fitness goal or any goal. The right steps cannot be skipped. I know I know, you’re thinking that this is too much time. So let me give you a saving grace.

Here is a mindset you can adopt that will make things flow more efficiently. Are you ready? ✅Do 20% of the work that will create 80% of the results. What does that mean? Remember the strong foundation we jus talked about? That is 20% of the work and 80% is the height of the building. When the foundation was built it became way easier to keep going. It all flowed in the right way. So creating that belief in achieving your goal and the ability to go through the process could be that 20% that will launch you to your goal.

Again, it will take time but if that 20% is put in place properly then it won’t feel like a long time. You will go through the process with ease. You will feel inspired to move and things are done. No longer will you have to drag yourself every morning or work hard, mentally, to push away the food you’re not allowed to eat. You will gain consistency, momentum and just like a train, you will be unstoppable. You will live life fulfilled, happy, and with purpose.

I hope this has helped you get an insight into yourself and clarity on the action steps you need to take. Please help others by sharing who you feel needs to read this. Share a comment on what you think, we love hearing other’s thoughts.

Also, go ahead and check out our community FACEBOOK GROUP. We would love to support you on your personal journey and teach more about how you can build that 20% so every forward step you take flows with simplicity and effectiveness.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. Chat soon!

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