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7 Ways to Build More Confidence for the Gym

So you’ve had that membership for a while that you’ve been paying for. You’ve been meaning to go, but just the thought of getting through the front doors of the gym makes you start to sweat.

However, you’ve been doing that same home workout for a while, and you KNOW that you finally need to take the next step to begin seeing more progress in your fitness journey. To be honest, once you get past this hump, the possibilities are truly endless.

We’ve seen people with zero to no experience, totally increase their progress and goals by going to the gym. If you’re thinking about going but have been hesitant, then this is for you.

Here are 7 ways that you can gain more confidence to get to the gym, and at the gym:


If you aren’t already doing exercises at home, this is your FIRST step. While we have had clients go straight to the gym and skip the home workouts, we consider home workouts as the base, or first step, before taking the next step AKA the gym.

You want to get into the habit of working out consistently, not meaning every day, but developing a routine of 2-5 workouts a week. This will make it easier for you to be consistent at the gym. Once you’re consistent, it will also allow for you to make quicker and better progress. As you get stronger, you want to start adding more resistance, so using bands and/or dumbbells.

Learn to also challenge yourself. Pushing yourself for some workouts, and knowing how to put a 7-8/10 effort level in your workouts. You don’t want to be dead by the end of the workout, but you also want to break a little sweat! Knowing how to push through the challenging parts of your workout will ensure you will get stronger and make more progress!


We can’t stress this enough. Having a program to follow not only makes it easier to navigate through a workout, but also navigate through the gym.

With a program, you are working on a specific goal, and have targets to meet. This is a MUST to ensure you don’t plateau throughout your fitness journey.

The program will save you the time of having to scroll through Instagram or TikTok trying to find the “next best exercise” - that really won’t help, and it will also save you the stress and overwhelm of being in the gym. The worst feeling is seeing all the equipment, and not knowing where to start, or not knowing if it’s beneficial to you.

One huge things to confidence is also staying consistent with the workouts. The more often you do them, the easier they will become and the more connected you will get with your body.


Sometimes all you need is a companion when getting started. Someone there to make you not feel alone or small in such a big space. Having someone to share the experience with can also be super fun and helpful.

A workout buddy will encourage you, provide you support, and keep you accountable, and funny enough, you would be doing the same for them.

Workout buddies can be your friends, colleagues, family member, or partner!

Plus, working out with your buddies is much more productive and supportive of yourself than going out for food or drinks and spending money on something that doesn’t help you.


We’ll be honest, if you dread going to the gym, your workouts won’t happen. Well you might start, but you won’t keep it up long-term.

You have to make the gym a fun place. If it’s fun, you will eventually feel pulled to go, and you won’t have to constantly push yourself to get to the gym.

So how do you make it fun?

Well as we mentioned earlier, having a workout buddy can be great! Instead of hanging out over drinks, you could both be doing something healthy for yourselves.

Music is HUGE. Curate a playlist that you love and that pumps you up. We find that the music can really set the tones for the workouts, and can sometimes get you through the difficult exercises more easily.

Wear outfits that you feel comfortable but also AMAZING in. You want clothes that flatter you rather than clothes that you feel like you need to hide in. There will be some days of course where you really want to just get it done and clothes won’t be on your mind, but trust us when we say they can be a total game changer in how you feel that way.

Lastly, make it a game! Set targets, and crush them. View the obstacles along the way as going to the next level, or that big boss you need to battle. When you start crushing the smaller targets, you will get closer to your end goal.


Sometimes all you need to really do is just rip the bandaid off and start. We know it’s easier said than done, but we are SURE you’ve had to do this many times before.

Like building up the courage to start your business or apply for that job. Building up the courage to sit behind the wheel and start driving.

Whatever it is, in life you’ve had to rip the bandaid at some point, and this just might be another one of those instances.

If you don’t have a gym membership yet, commit to getting one on the way home tonight or tomorrow. If you have one already, then commit to stepping into the gym tonight or tomorrow.

Even if you just go in, say hi to the front desk, and go to the washroom and leave, that’s still a win.

Eventually you work up to a cardio machine. Then a weight machine. Start with 10 mins, and you’ll see each time you go, it will get longer if you stay consistent.

Before you know it, that anxiety you have before walking into the gym will be gone and replaced by the slight anxiety of whether or not you’re ready to lift heavier.


Let us say it one more time, FOCUS ON YOU. As long as your mind is on the others around you, the space around you, or on work or things you need to do, you will not have a pleasant time.

On top of that, anxiety and stress stem from focusing on things outside of you, or outside your control. One thing you can totally control is YOURSELF.

Remember that these people you see at the gym are at the gym for the very same reason you are, to better themselves. Sorry to break it to you, but they are focusing on themselves, and not on you.

While it can definitely feel like the whole world is watching you, you have to remember that they are there to get their workout done, and you are there to get your workout done for YOU and no one else.

You only have a set amount of time to spend there, and energy. If you want to get the most out of your workout, focus on what you are doing, how you are doing it, and how it feels. Breathe, rinse and repeat. You want to focus on yourself not only for your mental wellbeing, but also to ensure you are doing your exercises properly and not risking getting injured.

If you truly focus on how you body feels and your breathing, you will find that working out is very much meditative and you will leave feeling more relaxed and with a clearer mind.

Besides, the majority of people at the gym are really friendly and social, and if you have an open mind, you might even run into a new best friend or a great workout partner.


If you’re still lacking confidence after applying all the tips above, know it’s not the end and that the gym can still become a great place for you!

The best thing for you in this case would be to hire a coach. Be it a personal trainer or online coach, having a coach is exactly that.

  • They will coach you, to get to where you want to be.

  • They will help you get past barriers and highlight them for you if you don’t see them, and ensure you find a way to work through them together so you are no longer held back.

  • They provide you with a structured and personalized workout program to ensure you don’t plateau while also educating you what works for you and your goal.

  • They will encourage you by highlighting your wins and keep you accountable when they notice that you are falling short of your targets.

  • They will be someone you can consult to.

  • They will also provide tough love when you need it, so that you get out of the funk and not give up on yourself and your goal.

If this feels like something that you need, you can apply through the link here and we will get back to you:

Go one step at a time. Start with the lowest hanging fruit and then work your way up. Confidence will come from being consistent with your actions. Each time you are inconsistent, you will find reasons to put yourself down, and get discouraged, making the goal feel further away.

All these will work AMAZINGLY at helping you become more confident at the gym if you take action. Remember, action = results. So with that said, let us know in the comments which action you’re taking today to start building up your confidence.


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