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5 Ways to Save MORE Time

Time is one of the most valued principle in a our lives. We know you’re busy with your career, business, school and/or family!

When we feel busy, we tend to neglect ourselves first believing that we should leave time for ourselves last, as the rest can’t suffice without us. That is wrong, but for that we would need a whole other blog for.

For the sake of this blog, we will assume you know the importance of putting yourself first, and that you’re here to learn how to best do so. So let’s get into it!


Are you going out for drinks with friends every week? Maybe twice a week?

Are you chatting it up with the neighbours at the gym for too long?

Are you hitting snooze and sleeping in until you REALLY need to rush out of the house?

Sit down today or tomorrow and really evaluate whether what you’re spending your time on is supporting your overall goal of yourself.

We aren’t saying, don’t be social and avoid spending time with friends, but evaluate how you do so, and how often you do so. Maybe instead of going for drinks twice a week, make it less occurring, and go for walks or hikes with friends instead.

You might end up doing more that helps you towards your goal, or find extra time for your goal.


Do you ever have a list of tasks to get through but you get to the end of the day and you only end up completing 2 of the 5 tasks, wondering where the time went?

We’ve been there.

This is why doing a Time Audit is great and important, ESPEICALLY if you are someone who has a flexible work schedule.

A simple way to do this is write down you tasks, and for each tasks turn on a timer.

You will find:

  1. You will be more productive because you know you’re being timed

  2. You will be extra focused

  3. You will learn how much time you really spend on the task

We kid you not, we found that we lost a lot of time being idle during our tasks. Getting up and grabbing snacks throughout the task, looking at our phone or emails, going on phone calls when we shouldn’t be, watching shows, or catching ourselves doing too much at once which kept us from competing the tasks timely.

Try this out, and you’ll be surprised. With the time you learn it takes you to do the tasks, you’ll be better able to plan out your schedule.

Which leads us to the next point.


Now that you know how long your tasks take, you can open up your calendar on your laptop, phone, or planner, and start scheduling your tasks.

We know what you’re thinking, “but I don’t want to be rigid, I like flexibility and freedom”. Funny enough, its when you schedule your tasks that you notice you will feel so much more free because you aren’t stressing over your schedule, AND you will be able to fit more things you want to do throughout the day/week.

So pull that calendar out and start scheduling your tasks.

Schedule your work, time for your morning and night routine, time for that workout, time to meal prep, time with your kids, time with your spouse and/friends, etc.

You will notice how much time you ACTUALLY have.

You will also be able to spread out your schedule in a way that best suits you, AND give yourself more time for the most important tasks.


This will save you SO MUCH TIME.

Think about it this way…

How often are you going grocery shopping?

How often do you cook throughout the week? Throughout the day even?

How long does it take you to cook each time?

If you’re a as busy of a person as we are, you do not want to be wasting your time in the kitchen. At the same time, it is important to prep your own meals to be able to support yourself to help you get you to your goal effectively.

This is why we meal prep.

Instead of shopping multiple times a week, we go once or twice a week for max 40 mins.

Instead of cooking multiple times a day or week, we meal prep batches 2 times a week for dinner.

Sit down one day and plan out your meals for the next week. This will remove a lot of stress about what to cook, save time of having to think about something every time you’re in the kitchen, AND give you a proper list for your groceries so you only have to go once.

When you’re creating your plan for the week, find meals that you can batch make.

For example:

Burrito Bowls


Chicken and Rice

Make this for 3 dinners instead of one, and this will save you having to step into the kitchen another 2 times.

Not only does this save you time, but it also saves you on days you’re tired and don’t feel like cooking, and might resort to eating out.


You do NOT need to go to the gym 6 days a week to see results. You also do not need to be in the gym for over an hour.

An effective workout program will allow you to get you to your goal, and ALSO save you time.

It will ensure you’re in there with an intention, and direct you to the right exercises.

This will mean that you will not need to spend 45 mins on a treadmill, or 30 mins doing squats!

With an effective workout program, you will also know exactly where to be at the gym and what exercises to do. Not having to stress about your workout, look on social media for workout ideas, or spend time guessing the next best exercise.

If you need help with an effective workout plan, apply to learn more about our coaching HERE.

Now in order for the program to work well, you also need to stay focused and ensure you’re not wasting your time at the gym sitting on your phone for too long or talking to your workout friends too long either.

Follow all the steps, and trust us you will have more time for yourself. If we were able to help busy business owners and momma’s do it, so you can you!

Need more help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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