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5 Ways To Be More Organized

Five ways to be more organized sounds like something that you would use for the office or something professional right. But being organized also applies to fitness, in fact it applies to all of life. If you are not organized then you will be lost and overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is usually the number one reason why people quit. In anything, especially in fitness.

So if you do not organize your life, in this case in the area of your health, then you will most likely quit. Because there will come a point where work, relationships And your health will become too heavy to bear. However, if it is organized then it will make your life a lot more easier and simpler. Simple enough to help you keep going until you reach the goal and destination you’re trying to get to.

Let me give you an example of why being organized with your health and fitness is important.

Imagine that you decided to become the best version of yourself physically this year. Being at your best means you have to wake up earlier so you can hit the gym. So you wake up early feeling groggy and tired but you know you need to gather all the things you need to go to the gym. So now you have to use some mental power to think about what it is you need like a shaker bottle, some running shoes and a gym bag.

After your workout you need to shower don’t you? So you have to bring some shampoo, soap and a towel, maybe even your toothbrush. Not only that you also have to think about the food that you’ve got to eat before, after and throughout the day. You also have to think about how much sleep you’re going to get, this means you have to sacrifice some time to relax after work so you can rest optimally.

And that is just your health and fitness. There’s also a personal and professional life. In the beginning you may have things under control because your motivation is at a high but when things really start to get tough that is when life shows you what kind of person you really are. And times will get tough do you want to use everything in your power to keep going. That is the importance of being organized.

Here are some tools to help you stay on track without losing your mind throughout your journey.

1. Schedule in when you will plan and organize

The first step is to actually find time to organize. Organizing is actually the second step because if you don’t find time to do it then won’t happen. I know at this stage in your life if it’s not scheduled then most likely will not happen. And this goes with anything, when you want to start an activity and if it’s important to you then you must schedule it.

It is very important to schedule. You think about so many things and just throwing a great idea into your mind alongside thousands of your thoughts can get really tough to remember.

2. Write things out

Following up to what I just said earlier, running things out the moment you think about them is in necessary organizing skill. How often do you forget about something cool or a great idea or something you should be remembering because you did not write it down. The more responsibilities you get the more you should write things down.

3. Pick a way to stay organized (Notes, calendar, asana, trello, google calendar)

In this era there are so many ways to keep ourselves organized. Some of them are listed above. It may take some time to find out what works best for you and you may not know if you’re doing it right but the fact that you are doing it means you’re doing it right. You don’t have to get into details in which way you should be doing it but just start.

4. Do the most important task first

Most times being organized doesn’t just mean managing your time but it means managing your priorities. So a great habit to practice is to finish the most important task of the day first. It may be going to the gym or it may be cooking your meals but whatever it may be, get it done as fast as possible. The reason is because if you have not done your most important task and you leave it at the end of the day then it will most likely not be done, forgotten and it will sit at the back of your mind like a heavy crown on a king.

5. Plan your day the night before

Now, the last one is the most important. You want your mind to help you remember and organize but at the same time your mind has a limited amount of energy. You want to conserve that energy for the most important things. So help your mind remember by writing down your tasks and your plan the night before. This way you won’t have to use your mind to remember the things you need to do on the day of. Yes, thinking and remembering our great skills to practice but our minds also need room to breathe or it will overheat like a computer, this is called being stressed and overwhelmed. So utilize your brain officially to organize to avoid overheating.

Organizing is a necessary tool and skill to develop to reach fitness goals and any goals that we settle for ourselves.

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