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5 Things Making You Inconsistent With Your Health Goals

Let’s just put this out there right from the start, consistency is the bread and butter to the results you want.

Being that you’re on here, you probably already know that, but we wanted to highlight that quickly to make sure you know what we would be focusing on in this blog.

With that said, we totally understand that being consistent can be difficult. Even though we work in a gym and are authorities in the industry, we find that our consistency is also tested.

We found though that there are a few actions steps that need to be taken, that allow consistency to be easier. When we are missing these steps, then it will hold us back, and make it really challenging to stick to the actions we need to take to get to our goal.

So what could be keeping you from being consistent?

Missing a Workout and Nutrition Program

This is honestly the first step. If you don’t have a workout and nutrition program, it will make it SO difficult to stay consistent.

A program does many things:

  • Give you a sense of direction

  • Insures you’re doing taking the right actions

  • Keeps you progress towards your goal and avoiding plateauing

  • Holds you accountable

  • Saves time and stress of having to find what you need to do

Simply put, a program is the dotted line on the map that takes you to the “X”. Without it you can spend not only months, but YEARS being confused and frustrated over why you haven’t yet reached your goal.

One of the main reasons we found our clients would initially have trouble being consistent is that they felt overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated for all the efforts they put in but not getting results. They spent months, and sometimes years, doing things, but not doing the RIGHT things that supported them to getting to their goal.

With the right plan, you will be more consistent knowing that your actions WILL reap the results, while also keeping you from feeling overwhelmed and confused because you will be doing the things aligned with your goal.