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3 Ways To Prevent Fitness Burnout

Feeling burnt out from going strong for a long time is normal. However, if you don’t know how to get out of it properly you can stay stuck feeling that way all the time. We encourage you to read this from start to finish. The tips and tricks here are very useful but if you skip some words you may miss that one thing that can shift your whole experience around. If you change the way you see things then the things you see will change. When you think back on what you did during the first times you were going after your fitness goal, do you feel motivated? Chances are you don’t feel excited about. All that work with no reward and how long it takes to reap the benefits. There were a lot of days when you do put in the work it’s like you’re staying in the same place. Killing yourself in every workout only to lose a couple of pounds.

Very familiar right? You know what though...You’re were probably doing everything right but you were focused on the wrong things and when you focus on the wrong things you will feel discouraged. You can only go for so long without any reward. You need to feel like you’re moving forward. Making progress to know that we are moving in the right direction is key to consistency. With consistency comes rewards. The only way you can reach your goal is by staying consistent. Make sense right? I’m sure you’ve heard it before, now the question is “how?”. Here are the 3 ways you can change your view/perspective so you can feel motivated and encouraged by the progress you’re making.

1. Focus on the wins along the way

Wins are a form of reward. Most of the time you overlook them because they may seem like a small thing but in fact they matter a lot. All these small things are needed for you to make a giant change. How do you build a wall? By laying bricks one at a time as perfectly as possible. So yes these small wins that you’ve been missing out on should be recognized. The more you win, the more you will want to keep going. Action step: On a journal or notebook, write down your wins daily.

2. Prioritize feeling energized, and strong When you think ”fitness” where does your brain go to? Immediately to diet and exercise right? It’s not a bad thing but it can get draining when you’re constantly pushing your self to the finish line. Think about it when a car runs out of gas it can’t go. It is the same with your mind and body. When it comes to prioritizing energy and strength you want to look into your sleep and stress levels. Not enough sleep can leave you with no will power and poor management of your stress will leave you feeling drained.

Action step: Prioritize your sleep and stress management first then your diet and exercise.

3. If your past exerpeince was difficult, this current one doesn't need to be

Have a better outlook and you have to find new perspective. There are people out there that do it more effortlessly than the way you did it. You know why? It is because they know something you don’t and it is your job to find out what that is. Treat everything like an experiment. If you don’t like running then weightlifting could be your thing. If you don’t broccoli then asparagus could be an alternative. You don’t like going to the gym then outdoor activities can still get you in shape. It’s the things you enjoy and not necessarily the best that will be the most help. Why stick to something that horrifies you? Wouldn’t you keep going if you enjoy it? The key is for you to enjoy it.

Action step: Treat everything like an experiment and find what you enjoy about health and fitness. Find new perspective and always keep an open mind. There is always a more enjoyable method, a way you can feel more alive while making progress and feel rewarded all at the same time.

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