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3 Underrated Actions For Healthy Living

Being healthy & fit is hard. We know and we get what you’re going through. There is so much you don’t know and you become unsure if what you’re doing or going to do. You often think to yourself “Is this even worth the time?”.

In the beginning you got really excited and even went above and beyond. After a while life gets you again and everything goes back to normal. Physical activity is low and stress is high, this makes it hard for you to get to the finish line. You may have even considered quitting disguised as a long pause. The key word here is consistency and using the little things we need to do daily as our tool. The small things may feel insignificant and make you think “These small things are not going to make a difference” but you know what, they will.

We have seen countless of people that just start out with walks on a hill to later on turning their garage into a home gym. These small actions should not be underestimated. Think about it this way, How does a train start moving? Very slowly right? The wheels turn in slow motion for bit but once it gains goes and is very hard to stop.

And that is what the actions I am about to share with you can do. So what are they? Here we go.

1. Get in your steps

I know you tend not do anything if you can’t make it to the gym or are too tired to go through your workout routine. Getting

steps in is such an underrated method of being active. Yes, it isn’t the most efficient but it is the simplest. Nowadays there are all kinds of step trackers, apple watches and fitbit watches etc. Even our phones can track our steps. Our fitness is easier to track more than ever so why not utilize these tools. We always say ”something is better than nothing”. No matter how small the action is, like completing steps, as long as it takes us to our goal we all need to take it.

Action Step: Have a goal on how many steps you need to complete daily. Commit to it and track it.

2. Drink water throughout the day

Since we have such an abundance of water we often take it for granted. There is reason why our bodies are made of mostly water and so is the earth. Water is like the electricity to your home, without it nothing turns. No wi-fi, no lights, you can’t charge your phone etc. If you get hungry often, can’t think properly or start to feel tired without physical activity then chances are you’re dehydrated. Water is a foundation to your health and it could be that one thing that will kickstart your fitness goal.

Action Step: Purchase a jug that can hold 2.5 litres of water and finish drinking your water daily.

3. Don't skip your meals

Your mind and body go through stress on an everyday basis. Whether it is from physical activity or an issue you’re having at work. Stress can damage the body and by eating your meals it can speed up your rest and recovery. Our bodies need to be fuelled properly in order for us to function and do what we need to do. We know you feel tired all the time and you know it Is stress but doing nothing and resting on the couch for hours isn’t going to help you recover. Have you ever woken up from a nap feeling tired? Yes it is important to rest by that missing puzzle you have been looking for could be nutrients from food.

Action Step: Schedule the times on your calendar on when you will be eating then commit to it.

Often times focusing on the end result can feel discouraging. It seems far away so you prolong the process and there is so much work before you so you procrastinate. Rather than thinking too much about the end result, have your focus on completing the daily tasks. Completing your daily tasks will help you gain momentum and with that you will become a train that is unstoppable. It’s the things that you do everyday that will bring your goals.

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