3 Important Practices To Live a Healthy Lifestyle Daily

To live a healthy lifestyle, what does that even mean?

Read this blog all the way to the end to discover the main things that will lead to your desired results and to finally feel like you’re on the right track. If you don’t read this until the end increase the risk of you staying exactly where you are with no change. There is also a reward for you at the end of this. Most of the time, you assume that having a healthy lifestyle this hard-core. That you have to be going to the gym seven days a week or you have to eat salads five times a day. You may even see it as never eating carbs or enjoying cake.

It could even be extreme as thinking that in order for you to gain muscle you have to take steroids. Maybe you are thinking in order for you to get chiselled abs you have to run on the treadmill everyday for 1 hour. Regardless, you have to define what health afitness means to you. You may have to ask yourself questions like, how will enhancing my health and fitness better my life? Or 12 months from now, if I were to have reached my fitness goal what would my life look like? How would I feel? these questions are necessary to ask in order for you to find the right direction. Without direction you can still go as fast as you can but chances are you’ll end up back where are you started. And a lot of the times you will reach your fitness goal but will be unhappy of how you feel, look and your sense of identity.

So before I reveal to you what the three important practises are, first I am obligated to encourage you to write down, in a journal, your fitness goal. What do you want to look like when you reach it? How do you want feel? What do you want your life to look like? How will you be interacting with people? The more detail the better because this is how you build the map that leads you to where you want to be.

Here are the three important practises that creates a healthy lifestyle.

1. Perform Physical actitivy daily

You may have already heard it from your parents or any of your elders that you should be working out daily. The reason for this is because the chains of habit or too like to be felt until they become too heavy to be broken. What this means is that it will be hard in the beginning, you won’t feel the results at first but as you keep going it gets easier. This is because your mind and body finds a way to make it easier for you to perform and this is how the human psyche works. As you progress and exercise over and over again your mind will be familiarized with the activity. Now the trick here is not to exercise 100%, you don’t have to feel like you’re going to vomit your insides every time you exercise. Instead, focus on doing something every day. Whether it is walking, working out in the gym or going for a swim.

2. Be concious of your food intake The truth is you already know what is healthy and unhealthy. Processed foods are less healthier than whole foods. If you don’t know what these are, whole foods are the food that the earth gives us such as broccoli, chicken, apples etc. Processed foods are the foods that are made from factories that are packaged in plastic such as chocolate bars, donuts and cereal. Now, I am not saying that you should avoid all processed foods, I am saying that you should have a healthy balance that is 80% whole foods and 20% being processed foods. Being conscious of your food intake is more than just guessing how much you eat in a day. To be more conscious of what you eat, track your food intake. You can track your food intake by taking pictures of your food or you can use this picture below to see how many servings of carbohydrates, fats and proteins you eat on a daily basis. By being more conscious you can then adjust how much you eat in order to lose weight, build muscle or maintain weight.

3. Always treat yourself/ reward At your job would you keep working if you were not getting paid? Of course you wouldn’t, why would you keep doing something for no reward. This is the same with your health and fitness. It is vital that you reward yourself when you are performing healthy activities. When you are on a fitness journey the reward of getting the results you want may seem far away and that is one of the reasons why you get discouraged to keep going. By rewarding yourself for every mile stone you hit, you are telling your mind that eating healthy or working out will enhance your life. Remember how we talked about habits above, this is the final step. You solidify the habit with the reward. Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for taking action on your health. Because you are an action taker there is no doubt that you will reach your fitness goal and we would like to give you an extra boost in order for you to get there much faster and in a more efficient way. Click this link so you can grab a copy of our “5 minute formula”. This formula is designed for you to develop the healthy lifestyle that you need to reach your goal. However you must hurry we are only allowing 100 downloads to this guide because we only want committed people to be taking part in this adventure, after that the guide will be taken down. If you are not committed and ready please do not click the guide so someone else that is more motivated can have their hands on it.

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