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3 Best Practices to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Before I get into it r before you decide to scroll down and check out these three best practises to keep your mind sharp, do you know why you’re doing them? If not then I would want you read this from start to finish because if you don’t know why then it doesn’t matter what we do. Without a full understanding of the things you’re doing will lead you to a dead end.

The order actually goes like this, first is to handle your stress. The second is to prioritize your recovery, this means getting enough quality sleep every single day. The third is eating the right foods, nutrient rich foods. The last is your exercise, making sure you are getting stronger or better With your fitness.

Why in this order? Think about it, if you are stressed out you will be paralyzed because you are using all your energy for other things like work or conflicts with others. Stress can often keep you up at night which causes poor quality of sleep. We all know what happens when we don’t get enough sleep.Our stress levels go sky high and we don’t even get around to eating healthy or exercising.

Do you get it now? It all starts in your head. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but now I hope you have a greater understanding and know the importance of having mental fortitude so you can reach your goal.

You can still get results without handling your stress and skipping to your nutrition and exercise, I am sure you have done it before but you are now trapped in this cycle of getting results then losing them. Am I correct? So if you’re looking for long-term results that you keep then it would be wise to put all your focus on mental strength first. Handle your stress.

Here are the three simple practises that you can do to keep your mind sharp.

1. Breath Work

Breath work can comes in many forms, mostly in the form of meditation. It can also be a simple as sitting down to focus on your breath that goes in your nose and out your mouth.

The purpose of this is to become present and conscious of what is going on now. Stress is a combination of fear of the future and judgement from the past. Some of your thoughts will lead you to these places and cause a response in your body in a way where it will feel like it’s being attacked. This response causes your body to drain a lot of energy which leads you to feeling tired and fatigued at the end of the day.

Action Step: put away all distractions and take 5 minutes everyday to focus on the flow of your breathing. Use the 5/5/5 method, inhale for 5 seconds then hold your breath for 5 seconds then exhale for 5 seconds.

2. Positive Friends

This may sound obvious but it’s not. Often when we are stressed out we don’t want to be a burden to others so we tend to seclude ourselves from the world. Having supportive and positive friends can take you out of your own head when it is causing you pain.

Friends can remind you of the positive things and the good deeds that you have done. They can also make you laugh. Laughter is one of the secrets to fighting stress.

Action Step: The next time you can’t get out of your head on your own, reach out to a good friend and just talk to them about it.

3. Daily Reminders

Make sure you have reminders of your achievements and your good deeds. If you have trophies then have them out where you can see them. If you have letters from friends and family then read them from time to time. You can even write yourself a letter or have an alarm where it reminds you of what type of person you are.

Often we forget these things because we focus on solving problems at work or in other areas of my life. However what often happens is we avoid the work that we need to do but our mind is still trying to solve a problem so it looks for other problems to solve like your self image and how you feel about yourself.

Action Step: Set an alarm and for 5 minutes write down all the great things about yourself.

So now, what do you think is the one thing you can focus on that will tip the rest of the dominoes? That’s right, it is handling your stress.

Reading is one thing but taking action is another. You are an action taker and that is why you are reading this so go on and take action now.

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