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3 Best Methods to Cope with Stress

If you believe that your problems are coming from things you can’t control and at the same time you want to be able to handle these stresses in your life then you have landed on the right page. I will share with you 3 ways how you can handle these outside forces that are preventing you from living your best life. Having negative energy inside you, and around you, will only slow the process down to being your best self, don’t you agree? If these negative thoughts and feelings are not in your head, what would your life be like? How would you show up to work? Will you be energetic? More enthusiastic? Will you get promoted to a higher position within your company? How would you interact with your family, friends, and other people?

Would you be able to create more time to spend with your kids or grandkids?

Will you finally be the man or woman that takes care of your significant other in all ways? Will you be happier, and more fulfilled? There was a time not too long ago where nothing was going my way. I was shy, out of shape, and failing my academics. The relationships I had with everyone, including my family, was going down the drain, and worst of all the way I saw myself disgusted me. I had a very poor self-image.

Imagine looking in the mirror and knowing that there is no hope of becoming better. I did not even consider developing my relationships, my career path, or even my health, because what was the point of all this effort if it wasn’t going to amount to anything. Why go through the pain if there isn’t going to be a reward? Why put in the effort if there weren’t going to be results? It is impossible to be better because everyone is already way ahead of me. It doesn’t matter how many advances I take, I will always be behind. Why bother?

These were my thoughts, you may have similar thoughts or perhaps are even going through what I went through. You know what, though? There is always a way. Something happened in my life that changed it forever. I was finally fed up. All the pain I had inside pushed me to the edge. I decided that it would be better. I did not know how, but I knew I had no choice. As I made this conviction within myself soon after I met someone. This someone became my friend and mentor for a very long time. He taught me how to play sports, exercise, socialize and even learn how to be comfortable around the opposite sex. Through this friend, I met others that I also befriended then more friends after that. It was almost like a gate had opened after I made a shift within my mind.

I make it sound like a very easy transition, but it was not easy at all by any means. It took a lot of time, practice, consistency, and heck of a lot of getting into very uncomfortable zones. I was constantly thinking about going back to who I was because it was so much easier. I was safe being my old me and not stressing about talking to people or going to the gym. Then again, if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, I would be safe, and unharmed for now, but in the long run...Can you imagine who I would become? An overweight, unhealthy person who is afraid of the world with no resources. No money, no connections, and no self-worth. I am glad I made the mind shift. Now I see my life differently. I see myself contributing to bettering the world. I see myself having a beautiful family and having lots of friends that value the same things I do. I see myself confident, energetic, in great physical, and mental health. I see my self comfortable with talking to people. I see myself embracing who I am. Now, how was I able to change my mindset? Isn’t that what you’re here for, to change? Apply these 3 basic practices, as I did, and watch the world around you change. These are the 3 methods I used to transition my life from worst to better.

1. Record behaviours - those that work for you and those that don't... will lead to change

There is a great quote “Know your enemy, know yourself, and in a thousand battles you will never lose”. If you know your actions and what makes you do things, then you can change them. For example, if you know that you get distracted a lot if you have your phone near you while doing work, then perhaps, removing your phone from your environment will lead to more effective and productive work hours.

Action step: On a notebook or a piece of paper, take inventory of your behaviours, only by being conscious you can consciously change.

2. Asking "how" instead of "why".

Anyone who has accomplished something great in their life has rarely asked “why”. Do you think the great inventors of the past would get a lot of things done if they kept asking themselves “why is this happening to me?” Or “why am I always failing”. Dumb questions will lead to dumb answers. However, smart questions will lead to smart answers. This is what we mean about asking “how” instead of “why”. How can you be 1% healthier today? How you take action right away without procrastinating? How can I make time to be fit today?

Action step: On a notebook or a piece of paper, every morning ask yourself one question that will make your day better. (Example: “How can I be 1% healthier today?”)

3. There's no space for fear... Journal how you want your day to look like.

Here on planet Earth, we are bombarded with bad news. Bad news on Facebook, Instagram, and bad news on the T.V. This creates a poor environment to be positive. When our heads are filled with fear, then it is hard to change or take action. Without action, there will be no better life. As soon as possible, take 5 minutes out of every day to write down how you want your day to be like. Do not hold back on this. I know it will be hard, because for a long time now you know how your day will go. Monday through Sunday you already have a prediction in your mind. Let’s change that, practice daily to predict your day the way you want it to go. Will you be energetic that day? How do you interact with people? Will people respond to you with excitement and joy? If nothing was stopping you, how will you make your day the way you desire?

Action step: On a notebook or a piece of paper, every morning for 5 minutes write down your most amazing day. You may be thinking that this is too simple, and you are not wrong. This is simple, but not easy. Many have failed to keep consistent with these 3 basic practices and they wonder why their lives haven’t changed. How about you? Will you be consistent with this? How badly do you want to change?

If you feel that this has resonated with you or you know that your dear friend can change their life by reading this then it is your obligation to help them.

And PS, we still have our Webinar up and running, but it won’t be for much longer. Only because we only want to take a hand full of people so we can put all of our focus into helping them.

It is a jam-packed video, with all the basics you need to know and be practicing to reach your goal, along with ACTIONABLE steps to get you closer to reaching your goal.

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